Hello everyone!
Before starting my work i have to tell you what is this blog about.
This is a blog about art and philosophy.
I strictly believe that every fight is an expression of art. A punch or a kick or a projection are not just simply an act of brutal strenght,they are forms studied and developed during centuries by different people in different cultures and places to fight against different enemies. This is the reason why there are many styles of fighting,each of them is unique and is the expression of a specific culture in a specific time.
Furthermore, for the same historical reasons and roots, martial arts are also philosophies.
People practice these arts not only to become stronger than someone else but, first of all, to learn their limits, to train the body but,above all, the mind. To find themselves. A martial art is definitely a way to deal with life and learn how to handle all the difficulties that people have to face everyday. And these philosophical elements are behind every stroke.
That’s what i’m going to talk about, analyzing both historical,technical and philosophical components of these arts.



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